Dust Suppression for Dry Sorting-Line and Humidification for Kilns

FreshWind Delivered Following Systems to Multain Saha Oy

  1. Dust Suppression of Dry Sorting-Line 2014
  2. Humidification for Kilns 2014
  3. Humidification for Kilns Enlargement 2017

In 2014 FreshWind delivered dust suppression to system to Multian Saha’s dry sorting-line and humidification for kilns. In 2017 Multian Saha expanded the kilns and FreshWind humidification was also implemented at the new enlargement of the kilns.

Multian Saha Oy (http://www.multian.com)

Multian Saha is a family-owned company founded in 1952, specializing in high quality custom sawn timber products. Multian Saha’s focus is in producing sawn timber according to customers’ needs with best-in-class quality. Multian Saha’s raw material Finnish spruce comes only from the forests in central Finland. Multian Saha has decades of export experience and the production capacity in the excess of 45 000 m3.

Starting Situation and Choosing the Dust Suppression System

Co-operation between Multian Saha and FreshWind started in 2014 when a need for dust suppresion at Multian Saha’s production facility appeared. CEO of the Multian Saha Heikki Nuoranne thinks back to 2014 and says” Most likely it all started from the dust suppression for dry sorting-line. There was dust at the dry sorting-line that was irritating the employees and we thought we have to solve this and that is where the discussion about the dust suppression system started”.

Nuoranne thinks back why FresWind was eventually chosen and says” We had already met Kalevi Riippinen and he had told us about the FreshWind system and what it could offer to sawmills”. When a need for dust suppression appeared Multian Saha contacted FreshWind.

The most important reason for choosing FreshWind was the references” FreshWind’s references convinced us. FreshWind had been installed to many Finnish sawmills and they had been operating there for years. That was the decisive piece of information” Nuoranne says.

Cost Efficient Humidification of New Kilns

In 2014 after the dust suppression project FreshWind designed and implemented humidification for kilns. This system was used by Multian Saha for 3 years after the kilns were expanded in 2017. Humidification system was also needed at the new areas of the kilns and the humification system was also delivered by FreshWind. Humidification of the new area was implement cost efficiently by making a minor change to the existing system.

”Freshwind Did Not Put Their Hands Up”

Multia Saha required that the sprayed water should pre-heated. For this purpose, there were no ready-built heat exchangers at the market. “FreshWind proposed their own heat exchanger which they were ready to design and manufacture for this installation”, Nuoranne said. Nuoranne was satisfied with the result and stated that” FreshWind did not put their hands up and say this won’t work out”.

The Co-Operation Between Multian Saha and FreshWind

The Co-Operation between Multian Saha and FreshWind worked out well. “Communication with FreshWind was smooth and all information were received when the projects proceeded”, says Nuoranne. Nuoranne also mentioned that” even though there were some small issues related to the compatibility of the VFD and the pump, and it had a slight influence to the schedule FreshWind successfully commissioned the humidification system and everything has been working as expected”.

Freshwind Systems in 2018

” In principle, everything is working well. If something has happened the maintenance manager has been responsible for the maintenance works” says Nuoranne. Nuoranne adds that” FreshWind systems are working as they should, and I hope I don’t have to hear about them since they have been already once installed and commissioned”. “In case I was asked who delivered these systems I wouldn’t hesitate to say who it was” CEO Nuoranne says as his last statement.


In 2014 FreshWind delivered a dust suppression system for Multian Saha’s dry sorting-line and humidification for kilns. In 2017 FreshWind delivered humidification system for the enlargement of the kilns.