More Water Injected Without Visible Humidity

Ultra-fine high-pressure mist spreads out evenly and makes air quality optimization possible in very different premises. With FreshWind high-pressure misting system higher air humidity can be reached without visible condensation.


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Significantly More Energy Efficient Than Other Competing Technologies

Due to the overwhelming energy efficiency of FreshWind system the payback time in most occasions is less than 3 years. Due to the highly durable water lubricated pump the maintenance expenses are significantly lower compared to the most competing technologies.


Environmetally Friendly and Energy Saving System

FreshWind -high pressure humidification system is environmentally friendly thanks to its small energy needs and using pure water. High quality components ensure a long usage time for the system and the material costs for upkeep are thus small. This way you save the environment by choosing FreshWind!

High Pressure Humidification for Various Different Applications

The most popular applications for FreshWind systems are industrial facilities where production process environment must be stable and working conditions safe and pleasant. Our clients use FreshWind systems for:

  • Improving production process
  • Condensing
  • Humidification
  • Cooling
  • Coating
  • Explosion Risk Management
  • Air Condition
  • Dust Suppression
  • Hygiene Improvement
  • Water Lubrication
  • Voluntary Fire Protection
  • Treatment of Water Soluble Subtances


We have designed and installed FreshWind systems for multiple clients in Finland and Europe. Take a look at our reference list here >>

Simple Physics in Form of Durable and Efficient System

FreshWind technology was designed and engineered according to the principles of Mollier diagram and strict control of air water content. With the help of these two factors of simple physics FreshWind can always generate ideal humidification for all premises and environments.


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