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Natural Cooling

FreshWind cooling technology is based on natural physical phenomena called evaporative cooling. Evaporation of water absorbs thermal energy from the air and brings down the temperature. The evaporative cooling can also take the advantage of the heat energy generated by many production process and change it to cooling power with natural, simple and safe technology.

High Cooling Power and Low Air Volumes

It is all about the droplet size. FreshWind’s high pressure misting system injects ultra fine mist to the air that quickly evaporates and absorbs the heat. High energy efficiency and the versatile use of FreshWind is achieved by using high pressure system (approximately 8 MPa) that can produce smaller droplet size than standard misting systems. Small droplet size makes it possible to inject more water to the air meaning that there is more water to absorb the heat and cool the air. The heat absorbed by the FreshWind system will significantly reduce the need for cooling by conventional air condition systems.

Cost and Energy Efficient Cooling Solution

FreshWind high pressure misting system is very competitive due to its energy efficiency. In many applications FreshWind can save up to 95% of the energy used for cooling.

Better Air Quality for Office Buildings

FreshWind system can be also used for cooling offices, museums and other residential facilities. Conventional air conditioning dries up the air and it can cause different symptoms to employees and visitors. FreshWind system keeps the air temperature and humidity pleasant raising the comfort and working efficiency. Check out some of our most recent references here.


Calculation Example: Mechanical Cooling vs. Freshwind

Mechanical Cooling

Air quantity 20 m3/s, required power input approximately 100kW.

Electricity cost with conventional system:
100 kW x 4000 h x 0,1 €/kWh
= 40 000 €


Output: Same cooling output with FreshWind uses approximately 5kW.

Electricity cost with FreshWind:

5 kW x 4000 h x 0,1 kWh = 2 000 €