High Pressure Humidification is Suitable for All Environments

FreshWind system can be used for humidity control of premises such as constantly air conditioned industrial facilities, offices, warehouses and production processes where fast and accurate humidity control is required. FreshWind is always designed to meet your needs and requirements. Check out some of our most recent references here.







Automatic Air Humidity Control

An effective and highly developed production process always require stable air humidity and quality. Stable air humidity supports employees’ wellbeing and health and reduces the problems caused by dust and static electricity charges. FreshWind monitors the air quality and keeps the air humidity always at required levels reducing the costs related to employee sick days, lost production and instable production quality.


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Cost and Energy Efficient Humidification Solution

FreshWind high pressure humidification system is very energy efficient and it can save up to 95% compared to standard mechanical cooling systems.

Hygiene Like in Laboratory

In most cases ordinary tap water can be used for FreshWind system. If required, water quality can be improved by adding softeners to the water. In case water softener and reverse osmosis are added to the system the water quality will be comparable to distilled water.

In cleanroom solution UV-disinfection can be used. For avoiding bacterial growth, FreshWind system is built from stainless steel and acid-proof materials and its automation makes sure that water won’t stay still at any times.

Humidification Maintains High Air Quality

Correct air quality maintains pleasant and efficient working environment. Correct air humidity makes the temperature control easier and is especially very useful when cooling premises. Correct air humidity also reduces the growth and spreading of funguses, bacteria and small particles causing respiratory infections.


Calculation Example: Mechanical Cooling vs. Freshwind

Mechanical Cooling

Air quantity 20 m3/s, required power input approximately 100kW.

Electricity cost with conventional system:
100 kW x 4000 h x 0,1 €/kWh
= 40 000



Output: Same cooling output with FreshWind uses approximately 5kW.

Electricity cost with FreshWind:

5 kW x 4000 h x 0,1 kWh = 2 000 €