FreshWind high pressure humidification system

FreshWind is an energy efficient and versatile high-pressure misting system for dust suppression, humidity control, cooling and fire protection.

The Most Advanced High Pressure Misting System Available at the Market

Ultra fine mist produced (drop size approximately 20 µm) at high pressure creates stable and correct humidity for many different environments. FreshWind takes care of energy efficient humidity control and industrial dust suppression as well as office building cooling.

FreshWind is committed to build its humidification systems using only high quality components that are designed for demanding environments. This is how we can always ensure smooth and reliable operation.

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FreshWind High Pressure Humidification System in Different Environments


Paper, Wood Pulp and Wood Refining Industries

Optimal humidity for production process – Better material processing.

Pölynsidonnan käyttökohde - sahat

Mechanical Wood Processing

Less dust and more stable raw material – Better working environment and end products.


Mining and Ore Refining

Dust suppression and cooling or heating with the same system.


Medicine- and Chemical Industries

Humidity standardization in demanding laboratory and warehouse environments with purified water.


Waste Treatment

Optimal humidity environment for dust suppression, preventing bacterial growth and odor nuisance.


Energy Production and Power Plants

Fire protection for fuel storages, protection from explosions and cooling.

Food Industry

Stabilizing humidity in production facilities, reduction of bacterial growth and cooling.

Dust Explosive Atmospheres

Higher humidity provides better protection from dust explosion risk.

Server Halls and Data Centers

Energy efficient cooling, dust suppression and prevention of static charging.

Shopping Centers and Stores

Cleaner air, better product outlook and evenly spread aroma of fresh products.

Office Buildings

Cleaner air and better air condition energy efficiency.

Outdoor Events

Leisure areas, misting effects and safety zoning for pyro effects.

Construction Industry

Reduces dust spreading at work areas, improves the working environment and safety.


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