Odor Elimination for Industrial Applications by Micro Droplets

Ultra-fine micro droplet mist produced by the FreshWind system is an efficient odor controller. Micro droplets (approximately 20 µm) absorb the smelling gases, cool and refresh the surrounding air. It is also possible to add neutralizing chemicals to the mist for even more efficient odor treatment.

Eliminate the Odor Before They Spread

With the FreshWind system it is possible to build fog fences that prevent the spread of odors beyond its source. When the droplet size is small the water consumption and operational expenses are also low. Misting is the most widely used technology in the world for preventing the spread of odors especially in flue gas scrubbers.

FreshWind Suits All Needs

Freshwind odor elimination can be used at waste collection points, waste treatment facilities, landfills, composting plants, water treatment plants, biotreatment plants, farms, slaughterhouses, chemical plants, waste water wells, etc. Check out some of our most recent references here.



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