Effective fire protection and prevention of dust explosions

FreshWind-high pressure humidification system helps to prevent fire and dust explosions. Bringing water to the air by FreshWind high-pressure humidification system binds dust effectively, simultaneously moisturizing and cooling down processes. This helps in preventing the static electricity, sparking and heat produced by industrial processes from starting a fire or causing an explosion.

Affordable way to reduce fire damage

Even though FreshWind-humidification system is an excellent addition to prevent fires and dust explosions, it doesn’t replace an official fire extinguishing system. FreshWind-humidification system is a good way to make sure that no fire extinguishing is needed in the first place. It also helps in preventing expensive fire- and water damage repair.

The fire extinguishing mechanism for water is based on it’s ability to bind heat during evaporation and in lowering the oxygen levels during a fire. In addition, small water drops in the air reduce heat transfer by radiation by scattering and absorbing radiation between the flame and the burning material (VTT / Maarit Tuomisaari: Vesisumujärjestelmän sammutustekniikassa, 1996.). With the help of FreshWind- humidification system, fire can be extinguished with a smaller water amount, making the water damage smaller and thus easier and cheaper to repair.

Multiple benefits from one system

While the FreshWind-humidification system helps in fire-and dust explosion prevention, it also improves the working conditions by taking care of the proper air humidity and working place temperature. Check out some of our most recent references here.


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