Water Treatment Solutions on Turnkey Basis

FreshWind offers cost and energy efficient water treatment units on turnkey basis. FreshWind has wide selection of different water treatment units as a separate unit or as a system designed from several units. FreshWind’s core knowledge is in engineering and manufacturing salt water reverse osmosis units.

We offer a wide and comprehensive service package. We always study the client’s needs and identify the starting position. Water treatment units require accurate design and professional implementation. Based on the accurate design we can deliver and install the equipment that perfectly fit the client’s needs and requirements. The correct sizing of equipment such as water softener, filters, RO-units and tanks is the foundation for smooth operation of the water treatment plant.

We also offer service and spare part deliveries to all water treatment systems delivered by us.

What Does Reverse Osmosis Mean?

In reverse osmosis pressure forces the liquid (in most cases water) to go through a half permeable membrane. In the reverse osmosis the liquid moves from stronger liquid to more diluted liquid. In a natural osmosis process the liquid moves from a more diluted liquid to a stronger liquid and since the process in water treatment is reversed it is called reverse osmosis.

The most common application of reverse osmosis is purifying raw water to drinking water or purification of raw water for the industrial needs. Reverse osmosis is also used to utilize waste water or sea water for producing drinking water. Reverse osmosis can be also used for converting a liquid such as juice or milk to concentrate.

FreshWind RO-Equipment

RO-Equipment (reverse osmosis) is an equipment in which the liquid is pumped through a half permeable membrane at the pressure of 15-60 bars. In practice this half permeable membrane is filter that filters out the large salt and mineral molecules.

In the reverse osmosis process the water can’t be fully utilized, and the high salt content left over water must be led to sewerage. The salt and mineral free water is called permeate. Since the water directed to the sewage is still at the same pressure as before the membrane this pressure can be utilized by combining a hydraulic pump to the electric motor running the main pump. The hydraulic pump running with the help of the concentrate decreases the energy consumption and a smaller electric motor can be installed to the system.


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