Efficient Prevention from Dust Explosions and Fires

FreshWind high-pressure misting system helps to prevent dust explosion and fire risks. The high-pressure mist effectively absorbs the dust, humidify materials and cools the production process that could cause sparking, static electricity charges or heat.

Best Friend of Good Fire Protection System

Even though FreshWind system is an excellent help for preventing fires and dust explosions it does not replace the usual fire protection system. FreshWind is an excellent way of minimizing the risk for expensive fire and water damage repairing works after the actual fire protection system has extinguished the fire.

Water’s capability to extinguish fire comes from its ability to reduce oxygen and absorb heat when it evaporates. Small water droplets attenuate the radiative heat transfer by absorbing the heat radiation between the flame and the flammable material. This ability prevents material from igniting and can slow down the combustion of materials that are already burning (VTT / Maarit Tuomisaari: Vesisumujärjestelmän sammutustekniikassa, 1996.). Small droplets of the high-pressure misting system help to control the fire with reduced quantity of water. Lowering the quantity of water used for extinguishing the fire means less expenses and time required for the post-clearance works.

Several Benefits with One System

At the same time when FreshWind helps to prevent fires and dust explosions it also controls the air temperature and humidity.

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